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Sunday, January 5, 2014

BlogFest2014! African American Bloggers ~ Family History Revealed

  Today is the DAY!  AAGSAR BlogFest 2014  has ARRIVED!


 Our Ancestors are SPEAKING! It's been a long tedious 4 months. Through our "Principal" Luckie Daniels she created AAGSAR after a Grievous and Sorrowful time when she lost her Mother she went offline for a bit. 

"I'm so Glad" she came back!  We are Celebrating and Finally through her have found Our Voice and made a HOME for Our ANCESTOR's to bear their TRUTH. 

I have been in many  Facebook Groups. Done many Internet Searches for my Genealogy and Family History.  I was sort of out in the Wild trying to find my place and didn't quite know what to do with my Work, only that I wanted other researchers to see it. I couldn't put two and two together. 

NEVER have I seen someone place the VALUE and MEANING on what our Work was suppose to do?  The Mentorship she has provided to us can't be matched. She has helped us grow into our Own. Even with myself she made me Think about what I Speak into the World and has helped me Grow in Confidence that I do know what I'm doing. 
She has also been our Cheerleader and Advocating for Years for our Voices to be at the Table.
 She has had more than her share of Heaping and Hauling, with us Grown Folks with our Hard Heads and Stubbornness.   Teaching us how TECHNOLOGY and Blogging can be integrated to put our Research out there and take us to the next level.

AAGSAR found ME! We have done 1:1 training. Been taught the meaning of our Work is IMPORTANT, we Do have a VOICE! Other's want to hear and read our Stories.  There are so many African American Family Histories. We finally found a PLACE where we can Commune together and get our Ancestors ONLINE and Out into the Community. We know what it means to be the Keeper of Records. What a HONOR it is to be the GRIOT, chosen to tell our Ancestors stories.

                     BlogFest2014 and AAGSAR have gotten us to the TABLE.
 Coming to the Table

This is a 1st! I'm so HUMBLED to be a part of so many new African American Bloggers! We are not in the shadows anymore. I look forward to hearing more of their stories. For up and coming New Bloggers who are hesitant?  Take the Leap of Faith and begin sharing your stories in Blogging!  You can do IT!   No more should we accept "Hoarding" our Family Histories. Keeping them in our Minds and Binders. 

Let Them Speak! Let your Ancestors Stories be Told! 

I'm so PROUD and PLEASED with Principal Daniels on your Leap Of Faith. For so many of us we had doubts and fears. 

Now we know what the TRUE meaning of our Work on behalf of Our Ancestors truly means.

 Do not DESPISE your PAST. Keep writing all the way from  your PHd Dr. to Preacher to Prisoner. Fully embrace all your family stories, let their Lives show their MEANING in Blogging.

This is a LIST of new African American Family Historian Bloggers being presented for BLOGFEST 2014! you can also follow US on Twitter @AAGSARFaceBook .


Enjoy!  Spread the Word. If you have family connections in anyway,  CONTACT and COMMUNE with them. Keep everyone Encouraged, do a Random Act of Kindness and SHARE INFO. 

We have already LOST so Much. Let's try to work through the HURT, PAIN and SHAME and work together. It only makes the Genealogy Community STRONGER! We will only come out on the other side Truthfully by Honoring Our Ancestors Stories. All of it.....

They say to OPEN a WINDOW after a Loved ones Passing, so their Soul Can Fly. I'll open a Window tonight in Honor of OUR Ancestors...... Let their Spirits SOAR on this Day of our BlogFest2014!

Ancestor Guidance

My Ancestors are PLEASED and BEAMING!  Ivery, Lewis, Miles, Daniel, Sweigard, Evans, Johnson, Watson, Heckman's and Barrick. North and South, even as far far away in hamlets and countrysides all over the World. They are SMILING!

Today we will Celebrate! Congratulations to all AAGSAR Tribe Member Bloggers! {{{Clapping}}}

 Our Sankofa Journey for Blogging has BEGUN! 

Today we "Bask in Our Ancestor's Light", for tomorrow the REAL WORK begins.......


  1. Tears of joy. Beautiful way to acknowledge AAGSAR Tribe members, our Ancestors and the people behind (and in front of) the scenes who lead the way for this day to be possible.

    1. You ENJOY AND TAKE IT ALL IN! Well Deserved. Job well Done!

  2. beautifully written True!!!!!! your blog is awesome:)

  3. Enjoy your Day Girly! xoxo's! and Thank You! We all have learned from each other.

  4. Thank you, True, for such a heartfelt tribute to blogfest and all the stories that will now be told thanks to AAGSAR.

    1. Thanks Dawn! I'm enjoying the DAY! Windows are Opening up! #AAGSAR

  5. Thank you True for the tribute to our Ancestors, our mentor and teacher Principal Luckie Daniels, and for your beautiful spirit of encouragement, kinship, and love! Thank you so much for the support!

  6. Shine Dante Shine! It's your Day! Will be going over EVERYONE's Blogs tonight and taking it in. LEAVING "NoTe's"! xoxox's! Your Welcome!

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    1. Thank You Ms. Erlaine. Glad ya'll are SHINING! today and KNOW what for!

  8. Thank you for posting this BEAUTIFUL tribute True! This says it ALL! we are all together Shining bright! :)

    1. Thank You Denise. I found you on Google+ with your new link! Thanks for all your HELP today! #Blogfest2014

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    1. CELIE!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by Girly! Get Down on IT! Kool and the AAGSAR Gang!

  10. This is an excellent post!!! Thank you for sending this out into the Universe! Let's Blog On!!

    1. Thanks Vette! I'm learning from you as well! all your Presentations on your Blog are Wonderful. Glad we are staying in touch! Let's Blog On!

  11. Medase! Tuasakadila! Thank you for such beautiful words - gave me goosebumps <3

  12. Medase! Sonia for stopping by! I love when your Presence is here. Me Do Wapaa!